Did you know 4.0

Fundamental shifts and trends I have found and will discuss here deal with the shift from traditional media; a change in advertising, promotion and marketing; how people find and interact with information; how people communicate; and the way computers are shrinking in size making mobile devices much more powerful and accessible than the traditional computer.

With the introduction of web 2.0 there has been a large change with how both organisations operate and how consumers or customers interact with business.

The shift from the traditional form of media of print including newspapers, magazines and publishing, radio and television is starting to be felt around the world. These media and publishing companies are finding that adjusting to the digital age has not been a comfortable ride. Revenues are down on traditional formats as advertisers move to online advertising. It is becoming a common occurrence for these traditional companies to close or consolidate and look for new ways of raising revenue online.

The way consumers find and interact with information (and entertainment) has changed greatly over the last ten years. Websites and social networking sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and newspaper websites are now seen as the normal way of gaining information and entertainment. Users are wanting to interact with this new media by commenting and sharing what they enjoy and find interesting.

The adaption of mobile devices especially smart phones is making communication much easier. Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and access information. The size, power and price of mobile devices are making it easier than ever before to communicate and connect with each other.

Organisations need to create social networking policies if they haven’t already in order to embrace these new technologies and cultural shifts. The way organisations go about their daily operations is changing and the introduction of web 2.0 technology can no longer be taken for granted or seen as just a trend. Users and customers expect the organisations they are dealing with to listen to their needs and be able to adapt quickly to new technologies and trends.

Considering that the majority of communication, business and marketing are conducted digitally and online, having a policy to control and manage this is necessary just as no organisation is able to survive without having procedures, policies and a mission statement.

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