Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation

By applying the ideas presented in the module “Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation” to develop a social network strategy for an academic library, a marketing strategy can be used to create a social network plan. Instead of looking at what the plan is I will look at what is needed to draft a strategy in order to convince library management that the library needs social media to create interest in the library.

It is important to have a clearly written guide with clearly defined goals for a set period of times such as weeks or months. The guide would set out what the library is trying to achieve, such as engaging with its users, promote resources and be able to market library.

When creating the marketing strategy through social media the library will need to look at staff resources such as how many staff members will be required, how many hours will each staff member need to spend on social media for it to become effective and what will the focus for the library? Will it primarily be used to market the library to increase users or will it be aimed at existing users to market resources and services the library provides?

It is important to do research on what technology users and potential users are familiar with and using. It will be disadvantageous to concentrate on technologies that are not used by the majority of users. Each academic library has different users with different needs so profiling the users of the library is an important step to ensure that the technology chosen will be used, appreciated and will enhance library services. Another point to take into consideration is not to merely copy what the competition or other libraries are doing but to come up with a plan that will work for this particular libraries users.

The aim of the drafting a marketing strategy will be to convince management that it is needed. Social networking is no longer a new phenomenon and all indications show that it is here for the long term. With the amount of information available with web 2.0 and the competition it has created in accessing information if the library is not using social networking technologies it is already late in adapting to these technologies.

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