Social Networking for Information Professionals

Social networking is an element of Web 2.0 technology. It is about connecting to other users by particular interest, activity and community. Social networking can be used in many different ways for both recreational and professional purposes. It takes many different forms such as social media, blogs, tagging, wikis and games. Social networking is transforming the way the world interacts with each other and is having an influence on world affairs such as the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement.

My use of social networking technologies and sites vary depending on the platform or service. My main interest is Twitter in which I use several times a day for a combination of personal, professional and study purposes. I am attracted to the way Twitter works by allowing connections between users and in the way it can be used to gauge the sentiment of the current moment. Although I have been on Facebook for over 6 years, I am not a regular user and rarely check it or update my status. I use Instagram regularly for recreation and am attracted to connecting to people through sharing photographs. I am also attracted to the range of filters when uploading content. I routinely “check in” with Foursquare. I use tools such as Zite, Quora and to a lesser degree Pinterest for both professional and recreational interests and use LinkedIn and Yammer for professional purposes.

Once I have completed INF 206 I believe my understanding of social networking technologies will be on a broader scale than I am currently interacting with. This will allow me to use the technology in a professional environment and use it in a way that can connect with users and satisfy clients needs.

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